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HDD Typical - Drill and Pull 

Owner: Wickland Pipelines

Contractor: J-C General

Crossing: Sacramento Bypass in (Sacramento, CA)

Length: 4,450 LF (dirt formation)

Pipe Size: 12" Steel Pipe

This crossing consisted of a dense marshland and two high profile levees. Centerline maintained a straight trajectory until the 3,000' mark in which a 1,500' horizontal radius was carried to the exit point. 

Owner: PG&E

Contractor: Barnard/ The HDD Company

Crossing:  Canals and RR Tracks paralleling Riego Rd. (Sacramento, CA)

Length: 3 Bores - 1,880 LF, 800 LF, 800 LF (hard pan/dirt formation)

Pipe Size: 30" Steel Pipe

The 1,880 LF crossing consisted of one canal and a set of UPRR tracks while the other two bores consisted of one canal each. Tremie pipes were pulled in as well to aid in the grouting of the annular space.

Owner: Nevada Energy

Contractor: Q&D Construction

Crossing:  Truckee River (Reno, NV)

Length: 1,060 LF (Boulder/cobble formation)

Pipe Size: 12" Steel Pipe

The boulders created for a slow pace to maintain accuracy during the pilot hole operations, but no variances were exceeded and target schedule was met. 

Owner: Cargill Salt

Contractor: Galindo Construction

Crossing:  San Francisco Bay (parallel to Dumbarton Bridge)

Length: 6,984 LF (Slipline in existing 20" steel pipe)

Pipe Size: 14" FPVC Pipe

Replacement of Cargill Salt's existing steel line via slipline.

Owner: City of Elk Grove

Contractor: Garney Construction

Crossing:  Sacramento County Wastewater Plant

Length: 3,300 LF (dirt/ cobble formation)

Pipe Size: 12" FPVC Pipe

This line spanned a wetland area between two levees for the construction of a new wastewater plant.

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