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Pipe Reaming

Owner: City of Modesto

Contractor: California Trenchless

Crossing: Pipe Reaming 24" RCP to upsize to 30" HDPE

Length: 9,000 LF total of various lengths

Pipe Size: 30" HDPE (sewer main - gravity)

To minimize impact on heavy traffic, all HDD equipment was stacked in a 16' wide ROW and broken up into 700'-900' long bores. Between traffic control, bypass operations, and HDD set up and breakdown, the average duration of each bore was one week. 

Owner: City of Redding

Contractor: Axner Excavating

Crossing: Pipe Reaming 15" VCP to upsize to 28" HDPE

Length: 1,500 LF total - 2 bores (rock boulders)

Pipe Size: 28" HDPE (sewer main - gravity)

The existing SS main was appx. 4'-6' in depth. The surrounding soil was made up of boulders and silt. HDD was the preferred method to best preserve the environmentally protected ground surface, but the shallow depth and difficult formation would test the minimal footprint of the HDD process. When a frac-out would occur, JCGE came up with and fabricated a "snorkel" system that would be augered into the frac-out location. 6" hose and hardline was then ran from the snorkel back to a high vacuum Vector.  

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