Hillside Dewatering

Owner: CalTrans

Contractor: G.R. Sundberg

Crossing: Hwy. 299 Mountainside (Blue Lake, CA)

Length: 4 crossings - 302 LF, 475 LF, 747 LF, 440 LF (all solid rock formation)

Pipe Size: 5" Steel Pipe

Hwy. 299 had a history of swelling during the rainy season and causing continuous road repairs throughout the year. A separate contractor drilled 3' diameter vertical galleys on the top of the mountain and J-C General's job was to drill on minimal grade into the narrow galleys to install 5" drill-and-leave steel drain pipes. Complications included and extremely hard rock as well as voids within the mountain caused by shifting faults. With a couple audible calls throughout the process, the project resulted in a success.


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