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Hillside Dewatering

Owner: CalTrans

Contractor: G.R. Sundberg

Crossing: Hwy. 299 Mtnside (Blue Lake, CA)

Length: 4 crossings - 302 LF, 475 LF, 747 LF, 440 LF (all solid rock formation)

Pipe Size: 5" Steel Pipe

Hwy. 299 had a history of swelling during the rainy season and causing continuous road repairs throughout the year. A separate contractor drilled 3' diameter vertical galleys on the top of the mountain and JCGE's job was to drill on minimal slope into the narrow galleys to install 5" drill-and-leave steel drain pipes. Complications included extremely hard rock as well as voids within the mountain caused by shifting faults. With a couple audible calls throughout the process, the project resulted in a success.

Owner: CalTrans

Contractor: Condon-Johnson

Crossing: 3 bores into center of hill (Cloverdale, CA)

Length: 4 crossings - 205 LF, 240 LF, 400 LF (rock formation)

Pipe Size: 5" Steel Pipe

During the rainy season, the hillside would become so saturated that it would swell drastically and sluff off onto Hwy. 101. 5" steel drain pipe was installed and 40,000+ gallons of water was immediately released into the onsite frac-tanks and the problem was resolved. 

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