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Horizontal directional drilling is typically used when trenching is not an option. The drill rig is set at a calculated angle and a pilot hole is precisely drilled.  When drilling is complete, the reamer is installed, and the hole is cut to 1.5 x (pipe diameter).  A barrel reamer is then installed and cuttings are flushed out. When the hole is clean enough to pull pipe, a swivel is connected to the pull-head and the pipe is pulled back to the drill rig.

This process is used to cross roads, rivers, creeks, hillsides, environmentally protected areas, etc. J-C General has four HDD rigs all varying in size to facilitate job variance. Different jobs completed include the standard drill and pull (or push) pipe, pipe reaming, hillside de-watering, and unconsolidated rock hammering.


American Auger DD-200

American Auger DD-330


American Auger DD-6

DD 6.jpg

Ditch Witch 2720

DW 2720.jpg
Recycling System.tif

J-C General also owns and operates a machine and metal fabrication shop. The mud recycling system above as well as the mud pump unit on the right and below was all built in house. The ability to machine and fabricate in house gives J-C General the ability to meet the demand of each job as it arises.  

Mud Pump1
Mud Pump
Coast Guard Island.jpg
Steering Hand.jpg

A typical magnetic steering set up utilizes a surface coil. When ground surface is not available, J-C General created a micro-coil option to continue accurate survey shots across water ways or crossings that do not allow a surface coil. 

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